Stino Scaletta

Have you seen a scene, a landscape, cityscape or just amazing colours and thought, “wouldn’t that make a great picture”? I look at life in this manner. I visualize how scenes would look as a picture on a wall.

The challenge for me is that what I see doesn’t necessarily turn out when I photograph that scene.  There are many instances where I say, “That wasn’t what I saw”. I do enjoy the challenge though and see photography, like golf, as never to be conquered; but spending a lifetime trying to perfect it.

I’ve been taking pictures for many years but only recently started to understand the mechanics behind composing a compelling scene. My pictures are mostly reflective of scenes that inspire me and give me solace.

I’m an accountant and enjoy photography. In 1988 I was fortunate to win the grand award at the 1988 Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba photo contest and became hooked on photography. I’ve reveled in photography for many years but only recently dusted off the camera bag and started shooting again. Recently I’ve taken on-line courses and courses presented at the Brandon Art Gallery and come to understand the mechanics behind making a picture more compelling, reinvigorating my passion for photography.

I enjoy taking pictures, the challenges it brings; and sharing my photographs with others.

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