Jenna Dixon

There is something to be desired about freezing our most profound moments in time, only to look back upon them years later with the same resonance and meaning.

I was born and raised in Brandon Manitoba, but I've always had this unstoppable urge to roam. This wanderlust of sorts has allowed me to discover and travel distant lands, while also gaining an appreciation for what's just beyond our doorstep here in Manitoba and the many places worth exploring within our beautiful country of Canada. Over the course of these travels, naturally, my love for capturing moments grew into something more than my iPhone could handle. Investing in a decent camera was the logical and essential next step. 

Today, I spend more time at home than on the road, but I seem to have maintained this adventurous spirit that keeps me busy exploring. While I've always been somewhat of an outdoor enthusiast, recently I have acquired a passion for getting lost in places most people find uncomfortable. And what is waiting to be discovered in those places is where my passion for landscapes and capturing the sleepless realms of astrophotography grew.

Now creating and capturing a captivating image is the fun part, understanding and applying the fundamentals has proven to be a little bit more challenging. The majority of my spare time in the last year since I began this journey, outside of my career as a registered nurse, has been spent online in learning tutorials and outside shooting trial and error, getting it wrong more times than right.

However, the times you do get it right. The light, the setting, the atmosphere...that moment and that image last a lifetime.

 Please enjoy!

Portrait, Whirlpool Lake.jpg
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