Douglas Fraser

Douglas Fraser - Canadian Visual Artist

​​My works are interpretations of personal experience. They are expressions of my philosophy of life. Life is relationships and love is a choice. Joy, humour and insight abound in discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, the unique in the mundane, the absurd in the moment and the transcendent in the immanent. ​

I am a Canadian visual artist, now living in Brandon, Manitoba. I work with a variety of media, including acrylics, pencils, pen and ink. I have related creative interests in poetry, photography and computer media. My artistic works are recognized for their harmonious treatment of colour, abstract sensitivity, inherent metaphor and poetic accompaniments. My objective is to create fine art works for people to enjoy--pieces that prompt a memory, remind of a place, recall an experience, suggest a metaphor, or strike a chord.

My formation as an artist is the result of self-directed study and a commitment to life-long learning. My art practice, life experience and travel reinforce this. My university academic education in materials science and engineering, my work experience in engineering, research, adult technical education and technology transfer also inform my art. Creativity is a common element.

My fine art paintings or drawings have been placed privately with individuals. I have four works in the permanent collection of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Since 1991, I exhibited works primarily in the Edmonton region in a variety of venues. Currently, I participate in the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, in Brandon.

I explore the figure by producing contemporary genre works. Also, I am interested in abstraction. I probe emotions, perceptions, metaphor, illusion and allusion. Sometimes a short poem, or haiku, I have written accompanies my works. I like pithy, terse creations that strike an emotional chord or tweak minds. Generally, my thematic interests are eclectic, including landscapes, figures, objective works and abstracts.

I have given talks, led workshops or courses on acrylic painting, papermaking and paper working. I continue to be engaged artistically exploring colour and pursuing my interests in figurative and abstract works. I work mostly with water-based or dry media.​

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